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General French Classes

French has long been one of the most popular foreign languages to learn, its attraction remaining strong in part due to the great many reasons to visit France – bastion of artistic endeavour and evocative of romantic spirit, and replete with stunning scenery and venerable towns and cities.

The French language's enduring appeal also resides in its sound. With its unique and elastic display of vocal gymnastics, nothing sounds like French.

Those inclined towards literature, art, music, film and cuisine will find plenty of pleasure to be drawn from French. Indeed, so chic is the language considered to be that it is words like 'cuisine' and 'chic' themselves that we export from it to add to our 'répertoire' in English. After all, who can fail to be more enticed by the proposition of a 'faux'-leather sofa than a 'fake' one?

What is more, on an international scale, French stands its ground – it is a or the major language in large global-reaching organisations, such as the International Olympic Committee and the International Committee of the Red Cross, and central to business worldwide. It is also spoken as a first language in many countries outside France, including Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and in swathes of Africa.

Most of our adult students follow a General French programme, but we also offer French for exam preparation.

We develop your French with a variety of everyday topics of your choice, such as:

  • Food
  • Holidays
  • Sport
  • Films
  • Technology
  • The environment
  • Hobbies
  • The news

We also cover practical French for use while in a French-speaking country. This includes -

  • Ordering in bars, cafés and restaurants and avoiding common mistakes native English speakers make.
  • Asking for (and understanding!) directions.
  • Booking hotels and cars.
  • Making small talk with the locals.

Do you want to do more speaking? More listening? More reading? More writing? Your French teacher will be happy to personalise your classes for you.

Our online platform makes it possible for your teacher to share stimulating and modern videos to practice listening skills, or online magazines or newspapers to practice reading skills.

It is also possible for you to combine a General French programme with French for exam preparation.

We offer both one-to-one and group programmes, so please contact us to get more information and speak with one of our experienced staff, who will help you select the right course for you.

We also provide French for children, French GCSE tuition and French A-level tuition.

Eiffel Tower Mont Saint Michel The Dordogne