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Preparation Classes for GCSE and A-Level Spanish Exams.

We specialise in GCSE and A-level teaching and can provide both group classes and one-to-one tuition for your child.

Our Spanish, French and Italian staff have experience teaching GCSE and A-level and can prepare your child for these exams. With insider knowledge of all exam boards, what constitutes a good grade and their ability to tailor the classes to your child, our teachers can help them boost their grade.

We know that confidence and enjoyment are highly beneficial and our teachers help pupils to develop their skills using enjoyable and engaging activities that don't pile pressure onto them. We are also aware that at school, pupils often have limited opportunities to practice speaking and writing skills, so our classes allow them to do so, comfortably, and at their own pace. We have a wide variety of material to access, including past exam papers, games and activities.

Whether it's speaking, writing, reading, listening, grammar or vocabulary, we will constantly monitor your child's progress and adapt the course to suit.

We also offer general language learning for children and teenagers of all ages.

Paella Machu Picchu Spanish flag