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General Spanish Classes

Spanish is the most highly-spoken native language in the world, after Mandarin, with around 483 million mother tongue users. Aside from Spain, it is a native language of Mexico and almost all of South and Central America.

Spain itself is hugely varied for its size, with each region having its own distinctive character, reflected in its people, food, music and festivities. The green hills of the Basque Country are as far removed from the desert landscapes of Andalusia as can be imagined in one country.

South America is a richly diverse continent to explore, from the mountains, desert and tundra of the Patagonia region, spanning Argentina and Chile, to the tallest continuous waterfall at Angel Falls in Venezuela and the spectacular Amazon rainforest in Colombia and Peru, as well as the latter country's fascinating Machu Picchu citadel.

Spanish is a major language of culture, as a great many works of film, literature, music and art are produced by Spanish-speaking countries.

With all that appeal to the keen tourist, throw in the business benefits (the third most common language found on the internet) and it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular languages to learn.

Most of our adult students follow a General Spanish programme, but we also offer Spanish for exam preparation.

We develop your Spanish with a variety of everyday topics of your choice, such as:

  • Food
  • Holidays
  • Sport
  • Films
  • Technology
  • The environment
  • Hobbies
  • The news

We also cover practical Spanish for use while in a Spanish-speaking country. This includes -

  • Ordering in bars, caf├ęs and restaurants and avoiding common mistakes native English speakers make.
  • Asking for (and understanding!) directions.
  • Booking hotels and cars.
  • Making small talk with the locals.

Do you want to do more speaking? More listening? More reading? More writing? Your Spanish teacher will be happy to personalise your classes for you.

Our online platform makes it possible for your teacher to share stimulating and modern videos to practice listening skills, or online magazines or newspapers to practice reading skills.

It is also possible for you to combine a General Spanish programme with Spanish for exam preparation.

We offer both one-to-one and group programmes, so please contact us to get more information and speak with one of our experienced staff, who will help you select the right course for you.

Paella Machu Picchu Spanish flag